A Day of Solidarity with Christians of the Middle East

December 6, 2014 3:44 pm
In recent months, we have seen the worsening of the situation in Syria and in northern Iraq. Large swathes of territory have fallen into the hands of terrorist groups, the so-called “Islamic State.”
Descending to levels of barbarism of scarcely imaginable atrociousness, these terrorists have driven Christian and other minorities from their homes, despoiled them of their possessions, sold women into slavery, recruited minors as child soldiers, ruthlessly eliminated those who oppose them, resorting even to crucifixion and decapitation, and committed mass murder.”
The Bishops have since unanimously resolved to call the whole Church in Australia to a Day of Solidarity with Christians of the Middle East, millions of whom are driven out of their ancestral homelands of two thousand years to an uncertain future as refugees. I wish to clearly echo this Call to the Diocese for Sunday 7th December.
Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett. Bishop of Lismore.