An Audio Introduction to the Catholic Faith

September 26, 2011 5:47 pm
Hearing God’s Call: An Audio Introduction to the Catholic Faith
A new faith formation resource to meet the needs of adults in prisons has been produced and distributed with funds provided by the Australian bishops. This new resource reinforces the bishops’ commitment to raise the profile and meet the spiritual needs of prisoners signalled in their 2011 Social Justice Statement, Building Bridges, Not Walls.
Prison Chaplains across Australia have received a copy of Hearing God’s Call: An Audio Introduction to the Catholic Faith for use with those to whom they minister. Hearing God’s Call has been produced by the Catholic Enquiry Centre, an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.
Fr Peter Carroll MSC, Prison Chaplain at Long Bay Gaol in Sydney, worked with the Catholic Enquiry Centre throughout the development of Hearing God’s Call. Last month he took it to an international gathering of Catholic prison chaplains in Cameroon.
Written by the Catholic Enquiry Centre’s Projects Manager, John Francis Collins, Hearing God’s Call consists of 30 sessions, each about 10 minutes in duration, recorded on four CDs. As well as stories and information on the Catholic faith, there is a time of prayer and reference to a film available on DVD which may help the listener to understand the faith in the light of popular culture. Hearing God’s Call may be used by an individual or worked through as a group.
Director of the Catholic Enquiry Centre, Mrs Marita Winters, says “While Hearing God’s Call was written with prisoners in mind, it is also suitable for other audiences who could benefit from having access to an audio program of faith formation, such as patients in hospitals, people with an intellectual disability, individuals with a visual impairment, residents in nursing homes and parish groups concerned with outreach.
“We have been told there is nothing else like this available to meet the needs of adults in prison, or for those who would struggle to read a book explaining the Catholic faith. We are very keen to assist where we can to meet the spiritual needs of the most vulnerable in the community”.
Hearing God’s Call CD set (4 cd’s) can be purchased for $44 plus postage and handling from the Catholic Enquiry Centre. PH: 1300 4 FAITH (1300 432 484) or email: