Call and Response: An introduction to the Catholic Faith

September 17, 2010 2:36 pm
The Catholic Enquiry Centre has launched a new resource for people searching, those who are exploring the Catholic faith for the first time, or long standing Catholics interested in finding more about the faith of their childhood.
Call and Response: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith has been produced by the Catholic Enquiry Centre, the national office for faith promotion of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
Call and Response was launched by Mr Mike Bailey, popular media personality, on Wednesday 15 September. In his address he commented “Call and Response is a fine contribution to aid searchers.
“It is indeed a pleasure…to officially launch this most positive of road maps that will guide readers through the joys of the Catholic faith: the Scriptures; the Mass; the Sacraments; our prayers, and aspects of Catholicism in action…
“It also explains aspects of our Marian devotion; and in such explanation we trust will come greater understanding from our fellow Christians and those in other religious groups.
“Long may it be in print to reach out to answer the questions of those who dare to ask what we do, and why we do it”.
Guests at the launch included Bishop David Walker, priests from across the greater Sydney metropolitan area, heads of Church agencies nationally as well as those involved in evangelisation, education, religious media and chaplaincy.
The Catholic Enquiry Centre was founded in 1959 to allow all people to come to a better knowledge of Christ and the Catholic Church in Australia, and is responsible for providing clear information about the Catholic Faith for those who are searching for faith, primarily by providing enquirers with information. This is only the third time in our 51 year history that we have produced new material, the last one being The Catholic Story in 1994.
As is written on the back cover of Call and Response:
Our spiritual journey often begins with a desire to know more about the mystery at the heart of life. In responding to this desire we are in fact responding to God’s personal call to us.
As part of our response, we may feel drawn to examine God’s word as it is communicated through the Bible and the Catholic Church. We may ask: What are the teachings of the Catholic Church? How is the faith of the Church expressed through its rituals and sacramental life? How is Catholic faith lived out in society?
Copies of Call and Response are available from the Catholic Enquiry Centre by phoning 1300 4 FAITH (1300 432 484).