Caritas Delivers Aid to Philippines

September 30, 2009 12:08 pm
Caritas delivers aid to 50,000 as debris and flooding stalls relief effort.
Caritas Philippines is rushing aid to 50,000 people in some of the worse affected districts by tropical storm Ketsana (“Typhoon Ondoy”). A representative from Caritas Australia’s partner, FCJ, who works in a Quezon City slum next to Manila’s largest garbage mountain said, “These people had so very, very little, now it’s gone and they have nothing”.
“The water rushed in with such forced that it smashed the chairs and furniture and gutted our house. It was up to people neck’s in three minutes”, said a Caritas partner who requested anonymity. As communication opens up with affected areas and the relief effort continues stories of the worst floods in forty years are becoming known.
“While most agencies including the Government are concentrating on Metro Manila, the national Caritas has started emergency relief operations in five of the worst hit provinces: Bulacan, Pampanga, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna. In these areas Caritas is initially assisting ten thousand families, some fifty thousand people with food and non food items, including 650 bags of rice and relief packs of kitchen wares, materials for shelter, personal hygiene items and other food stuff”, said Mr De Groot.
“Caritas Australia is working with our partners to assist those affected. While the impact has been indiscriminate it is clear those with the least have been left with nothing”, said Mr De Groot.
Caritas Australia is accepting donations to the Philippines Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.
You can support the Caritas Australia Philippines Humanitarian Crisis Appeal by calling 1800 024 413 or online at