“Catholic Life” Receives Prestigious Award

September 21, 2012 3:24 pm
At the recent Australasian Catholic Press Association Conference held recently in New Zealand, our “Catholic Life” magazine received a Highly Commended Award for Best Mission Coverage.
The award was given for the article about the life and death of Sister Irene McCormack RSJ in Peru (see attachment). The article was written by our guest columnist Dan McAloon and produced by our graphic design artist Joanna Evans. This is the fifth award for “Catholic Life” in as many years. The citation read:
Best Mission Coverage (Sponsored by Catholic Mission)
Highly Commended
Publication: Catholic Life (Diocese of Lismore)
Author: Dan McAloon
Title: “Sister Irene McCormack: Australia’s Next Saint?”
Comments: The violent death, twenty years ago, of an Australian missionary to Peru, Sister IreneMcCormack is recalled with a provocative hint that she be recognised as a martyr-saint. The
story, plus pictures, tells of a talented religious woman who volunteers for overseas mission in the Andes of Peru. She was executed by the Shining Path guerrillas at a time of violent tension
in the region.
The coverage both identifies the impact of Sister Irene’s death on Australia, and celebrates the inspiration she brings to a church hesitant about prophetic mission.