“Catholic Life” Wins Prestigious Award

September 18, 2013 11:01 am
At the recent Australasian Catholic Press Awards recently held in Melbourne, the Diocesan Magazine “Catholic Life” won the prestigious award: Best Feature Story.
Written by Father Gerard Kelly, the President of the Catholic Institute of Sydney, where he is a lecturer in Theology. The article was printed in the December 2012 edition of "Catholic Life".
This is the sixth award for “Catholic Life” in as many years.
Editor of “Catholic Life” Father Peter Karam has congratulated Father Gerard Kelly for his award winning article.He also congratulated graphic designer Ms Johanna Evans for her expert use of images and graphics.
Australasian Catholic Press Association Awards 2013
Best Feature Story
Catholic Life, Diocese of Lismore
‘Vatican II: A Timely Council’
by Fr Gerard Kelly
This topical feature, distinguished by good writing, took on a
difficult but important task – to convey both the historical and
contemporaneous contexts of the Second Vatican Council,
and to introduce its key themes and concepts in an accessible
and meaningful way. It achieved this task very well, so that
the titles of the key Council documents, for example, did not
become hurdles in the text. Neither did personal opinion nor
polemic. It was well structured, so that the conclusion, in its
orientation towards the future, expressed something of the
dynamism the author ascribed to the Council. The text was
greatly enhanced by the accompanying pictures and credits.