Catholic Mission Calls for a Million Prayers for Fire Victims

June 9, 2009 2:35 pm

Catholic Mission has launched a worldwide prayer vigil through its international partners for the victims of the tragic Victorian Fires. The Australian National office of Catholic Mission has been inundated with emails, phone calls and letters from many of the 160 partner countries through Asia, Aftica, Europe, the Pacific and the Americas with expressions of prayer and solidarity. Catholic Mission’s international offices in each country have a wide network of many thousands of supporters in schools and parishes and they are being asked to pray for all those affected, and especially to bring God’s hope and comfort to the families who have lost members to the fire. Martin Teulan, Catholic Mission’s National Director said: ‘World Youth Day in Australia showed us the vastness of the Catholic Church and the richness of faith around the world. We are an international community of Catholics who help each in time of need and who will now want to help Australians rebuild their homes and their hearts through solidarity in prayer. We are sure that a Million prayers will lift the spirit of the victims.’ Following are just some of the offers of prayer which have been received: Fr.Albert Byaruhanga , the Director of Catholic Schools in Uganda wrote: With sorrow I extend my sympathy to you and the families of those who have perished in raging fire. May God rest them in peace. Fr Albert will be asking Catholic school students in Uganda to pray for those affected. Fr Celestino Bundi, the National Director of Kenya wrote; A few days ago I learnt there was wild fire which killed your people. We are together in prayer at this time of pain. We have also lost 200 people through fire incidences. May God bless you. From the National Director of Sierra Leone, Monsignor Dan Sullivan: Please pass onto everyone that I am saying my Daily Mass Intention for the people of Australia and there is such compassion and concern for your Country. The very first response to the request for prayer support came from the West Indies Director, Fr Donald Chambers, to ‘assure you that our prayers are with you and the people of Australia at this time. ‘I will immediately forward your request to your Caribbean colleagues and invite them to lift up our Australian brothers and sisters to the Lord and place them in His loving arms where they will receive his comfort and his peace. May He also give them his strength, especially those who have been directly affected by the fires. ‘May God’s peace be with you all!’