Leading Catholic Social Scientist to speak at World Congress of Families 7 Sydney 2013

November 8, 2012 12:36 pm
Dr Patrick Fagan, a Fellow at the Family Research Council in Washington, and who has
been honoured with the Society of Catholic Social Scientists√䬾 Pope Pius XI Award, will be a keynote speaker at the World Congress of Families 7 which will take place in Sydney,15- 18th May 2013.
Dr Fagan, whose work and diligent research has led to a deeper understanding of the way the natural family sustains and strengthens culture and society, received this award in recognition of his outstanding contribution towards the building of an authentic Catholic Social Science.
The theme of the World Congress of Families 7 is “Happy Families, Healthy Economy – a new vision for national prosperity and social progress”.
Dr Fagan, along with Dr Brad Wilcox (University of Virginia), the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP (House of Commons, UK) and Professor Patrick Parkinson (University of Sydney), will join other noted academics, business leaders, professionals and pro-family leaders to demonstrate that the family, far from being an obstacle to development, is the source of the social renewal and progress so much needed throughout the world.
Dr Fagan, in accepting the invitation to speak at the Congress, emphasized the role that the World Congress of Families plays on the world stage.
He said, "The World Congress of Families is the premier world event on the relationship between the family and the well-being of nations. It is gradually shaping the main agenda for the coming work of all developed nations as they begin to realize the human and social capital they have squandered in their retreat from marriage, the building block of the family. The World Congress of Families 7 in Sydney promises to develop this agenda
significantly, especially in the relationship of the economy to marriage.”