Book Launch for Dr Paul Thornton


Two publications on understanding and coping with stress in teaching have been recently released in Lismore. The author, Dr Paul Thornton, is a local resident who is working for the Lismore Catholic Education Office as an Educational Consultant. Paul has been a teacher, principal and consultant in a variety of educational situations.

For those who work in education the potential for stress to be a problem is great. The books examine the issue of stress in a systematic and practical way. They are based on a holistic understanding of stress and take into account aspects of our home life and work life. It is often very difficult for us to exist in isolation from the problems and issues in both aspects of our lives. Stress should never be regarded as a totally negative experience for a certain amount of stress can be productive.

As a companion to the main text the author has designed a workbook that is suitable for individual reflection or group discussion. Exercises in the workbook relate back to the text.

Schools are interesting places in which to work. Teachers and administrators are faced with many diverse challenges. The school environment can be highly political, intense and exciting as people work together. A certain amount of stress will always be present in schools because of the very nature of the work. These books are for those educators who want to understand more about their own stress and how to better manage themselves when stressed.

Teachers who would like to access a copy of these newly published books can order through Coolabah Press in Tamworth on fax/phone 6762 4111. Copies are also in stock at the Lismore Books Plus store in Woodlark Street, Lismore.