Visiting Clergy Religious Protocol


(Towards Healing/WWCC Clearance)

To: All visiting Clergy and Religious

We welcome your proposed visit to the Diocese of Lismore. In order to exercise Ministry in the Diocese you will need to complete and return the attached documents and information to the Diocese prior to you undertaking any ministry in the Diocese.

The Diocese requests you:

  1. complete the attached formĀ (Form 45.6 of Towards Healing) with your WWCC details (if from NSW include Surname, date of birth and the APP or WWCC number).
  2. have your Church Authority complete the attached form (Form 45.7 of Towards Healing).
  3. forward the signed originals to:
    The Diocesan Chancellor
    Diocese of Lismore
    P O Box 1
    LISMORE NSW 2480

The Diocese will:

  1. send an email to the Parish Priest at the Parish you are visiting to inform him that you are cleared to perform ministry in the Parish at that time.
  2. send an email to you and your Church Authority, if you provide the email addresses, to let you know that you are cleared to perform ministry and the process is complete.

Please ensure that you provide the above documents/information as soon as possible so that you are able to work in our Diocese. Remember that you are not able to undertake mininstry in our Diocese until we have informed the Parish Priest in writing that you are able to do so.

Rev Peter Slack
Acting Chancellor
Diocese of Lismore
Phone: (02) 6622 0407