A New E-Learning Resource: Together at One Altar

June 7, 2011 11:42 am
An e-learning resource on Eucharist for Catholic students
At 12 noon EST on Wednesday 8 June the new web’based teaching and learning resource on Eucharist Together at One Altar will be launched.
The launch will be held at Parramatta Marist High at Westmead (NSW) and will be available across the country by web streaming.
The launch will last thirty minutes, and will feature a Year 10 RE lesson using Together at One Altar with students from Marist High and Catherine McAuley at Westmead and from Hennessy Catholic College, Young, in rural NSW.
The resource has been sponsored by the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) and developed by a team of writers from Catholic Education Offices in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sale and Brisbane. The design and construction of the website is by Fraynework Multimedia, a work of the Sisters of Mercy.
“This is the first nationally’produced Catholic RE resource in Australia,” said Mrs Therese Temby, Chair of NCEC. “It is being launched to coincide with the first introduction in parishes in Australia from Pentecost Sunday of the new translation of the Roman Missal, the prayers we use in our celebration of the Mass.”
“A major project for NCEC at the moment is to ensure that Religious Education and the religious dimension of the whole curriculum is properly recognised in the rollout of the new national Australian Curriculum. NCEC also believes that the creation of e’learning materials for RE is an urgent resource priority,” said Mrs Temby.
“I am sure that schools will find this new e’learning resource attractive and useful. NCEC plans to add further material to the website as teachers contribute lessons and materials they have developed and used themselves” said Mrs Temby.