Appointments Announced

September 7, 2010 10:37 am
Council of Priests & Consultors
Following the 2010 vote for the membership of the Council of Priests for the next five
years, the following appointments are announced: Revv. Peter Slack PP VG, Leo Donnelly PP,
Paul Gooley PP VF, Jim Griffin PP VF, Rex Hackett PP, Paul McDonald Adm., Nicolas Maurice,
Michael Nilon, Jim Reilly PP VF, and Paul Winter PP.
Of the Council of Priests, the following are appointed as Consultors: Revv. Peter Slack, Leo Donnelly, Paul Gooley, Jim Griffin, Paul McDonald and Michael Nilon.
A Personnel Advisory Council is constituted consisting of Revv. Peter Slack, Paul Gooley, Jim Griffin, and Jim Reilly.
St Mary’s, Maclean
Following the retirement of Rev John Fitz-Walter, the Rev Peter Padsungay is appointed to
the pastoral care of the Parish of St Mary’s, Maclean, Yamba and Iluka. The appointment is
effective on Monday 11 October, 2010.
Ordination of Deacons
Upon the recommendation of the Rector of Vianney College and others concerned with
their formation, I am pleased to announce that Roland Agrisola and Shelwin Fernandez have
been accepted for the Order of Deacon. The ordination will take place in St Carthage’s
Cathedral on the Feast of St Andrew, Tuesday 30 November at 7.00 pm.
Bishop’s Secretary
Following the retirement of Mrs Laurel Skinner,the position
of Bishop’s Secretary at the Chancery is now held by Mrs Nancy Tarlinton.