Australian Technical College, Port Macquarie

September 23, 2008 1:54 pm


23 September 2008

Response to announcement by Minister Hon Julia Gillard MP regarding the Australian Technical College, Port Macquarie.

Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett, Bishop of the Diocese of Lismore, welcomed the announcement and responds as follows:

‘Newman Senior Technical College will continue the visionary foundation and pioneering efforts of St Joseph’s Vocational College established by the Parish of St Agnes Port Macquarie in 1979. This small venture which has grown over the years has provided significant opportunities for vocational education and training for the young people of the region. Newman Senior Technical College will continue this
work of providing education and trade training through its state of the art facilities. The Diocese of Lismore is committed to working in collaboration with the Rudd government in response to its trade training agenda, responding to the needs of the students and the community in ensuring skills shortages are addressed and workforce participation is improved.

I commend the principal, Mr Adam Spencer and staff of the ATC who have laboured tirelessly since its inception to ensure the highest quality of provision to all its students. I wish them well as they continue their work at Newman Senior Technical College.

I thank too, the Working Party formed to develop the proposal for Newman Senior Technical College. The members of this group, chaired by the Director of Catholic Schools, Dr Anne Wenham and including representatives from the Catholic Education Office and the Parish of St Agnes Port Macquarie, collaborated in a sharing of wisdom, experience and expertise in developing a new model in response to the criteria set forth by the Australian Government.’