Catholic Mission Caring for Children in Zimbabwe

April 9, 2008 12:04 pm

Catholic Mission acts for a peaceful transition in Zimbabwe Every day Catholic Mission acts to build peace in Zimbabwe. Whichever way the election falls in Zimbabwe Catholic Mission is working with the local people, victims of the current turmoil. The inflation rate alone is unfathomable to most Australians. We get nervous about 4 per cent inflation, in Zimbabwe they have recently experienced a 165, 000 per cent inflation. What this means is bread becomes impossible to buy. ‘In a country like Zimbabwe, going through the changes that it is experiencing, it is most important that as an international community we help ensure that basic needs are met for those most vulnerable,’ said Peter Gates, Deputy National Director of Catholic Mission. We hope that peace will remain, and that there is no bloodshed. Catholic Mission supports the local Church in Zimbabwe to educate, vaccinate, feed and build local communities. During the last year Catholic Mission internationally sent over $770,000 to Zimbabwe to help with things like: school uniforms for primary school children, food, school equipment, medical needs, construction of school dormitories, and emotional support for abandoned children. Catholic Mission also helps fund mobile education facilities so that people in the more remote areas can be educated. While other international aid agencies were forced out of ZImbabwe due to security issues, Catholic Mission is in a unique and fortunate position of helping through the structure of the Catholic Church, on the ground every day. According to the UN statistics life expectancy in Zimbabwe is just 39 years. It is in countries like Zimbabwe that we need to remember the every day person and in particular the children. Many children are orphans and are suffering from HIV/ AIDS. When we give these children a chance at a full life that is when we know we are doing really good work. Catholic Mission supports work in Zimbabwe and 160 other countries all over the world.