Cultural transformation underway in Lismore Diocese

May 28, 2013 9:14 pm
A series of major events involving all Catholic schools across the Lismore Diocese will take place from Port Macquarie to the Tweed Coast starting today, Tuesday 28 May.
The Proclaim Lismore 2013 events being held from 28-31 May are part of a major period of cultural transformation to build Parish Schools that are centres of Evangelisation and the New Evangelisation (running over three years).
In an Australian first, more than 2,200 Catholic teachers and staff will come together over four days, with the event touring from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour then Lismore and finally the Tweed Coast.
Proclaim Lismore 2013 is an initiative of the Catholic Schools Office (CSO), Lismore in response to the direction of the Bishops of NSW and the ACT in their landmark 2007 document Catholic Schools at a Crossroads.
Proclaim Lismore is for all Catholic educational leaders, staff and parents, as well as the broader Catholic community, to join in committing more fully to the Evangelising Mission of the Catholic Church.
Proclaim Lismore took its name from the Australian Bishop’s Proclaim gathering in 2012, and is being tailored for the needs of the Parish Schools within the Diocese of Lismore.
Proclaim Lismore is part of a larger program to ensure religious literacy is improved within the Catholic schools of the diocese.
Speakers at the event will include Bishop of Lismore, Rev Geoffrey Jarrett and Jude Hennessy, the Director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, Catholic Diocese of Wollongong.
Special guest speaker, Chris Lowney, is a world leader, author and lecturer on leadership and business. Based in New York, Lowney is a former Jesuit and Managing Director of J.P. Morgan & Co and will bring his global expertise to bear on the challenges facing Catholic educators in modern times.
Lismore CSO Director David Condon said Proclaim was about celebrating what was great about Catholic Education.
“We have a strong tradition of social outreach and pastoral care, which we would like to embed more deeply across our schools. That sense of Catholicity is really important for us to retain as we head into the future. It’s really about looking at what is working at a grass roots level and making sure we deliver that across all of our schools,” Mr Condon said.
“The Proclaim events are a chance for all of our school staff to come together and discuss how we can move forward together on this journey.”
“I think it’s exciting locally that our part of the world is putting this type of program together. I’m proud that the Diocese of Lismore has taken the lead nationally in this instance.
“We’re responding to the Bishop and the clergy’s concerns about the teaching of catechesis and the evangelising of our students. Even though we have been doing a good job, we could be doing even better.
“We want our entire school staff throughout the Diocese from the groundspeople to the principals to have one message around catechesis and the new evangelisation and we want them to help create and inform that culture starting right now.
“We can do that through our school staff being witnesses. Our students will follow witnesses rather than listen to teachers.”