Diocesan Magazine “Catholic Life” Wins Prestigious Award

September 14, 2009 4:08 pm

At the recent Australasian Catholic Press Association Awards for Excellence 2009,  “Catholic Life” Diocese of Lismore won the prestigious award for the Best Example of Education Coverage.

Describing the award for the entry: Schools of the Diocese, the judge said:

“ The submission was selected for its consistent high quality of presentation and content over three issues. Schools are portrayed as sites of excellence and faith in education across the curriculum. The editions are very attractive, well written with high quality photos. The articles cover school achievements, innovations, and articles that highlight education based on Catholic values. The reader is left with an overall image of schools as being a vibrant part of their communities and contributing in a range of authentic ways. The wider community is informed about the distinctive characteristics of Catholic education.”


Editor of “Catholic Life” Father Peter Karam said: “ It is a great award for our magazine. I congratulate Ms Johanna Evans, our graphic artist and text illustrator, and Ms Maree Murphy from the Diocesan Education Office who coordinates all material from our schools, for their enthusiasm and hard work. I am pleased with the awards we have won over the past two years, as they indicate the standard “Catholic Life” enjoys with its peers throughout Australasia.

I thank all who assist with the production of “Catholic Life” especially Mr John Howard (Advertising and Marketing Consultant) Ms Johanna Evans (graphic and text design) and our Advertisers.”