Family Synod Survey 2014

November 13, 2013 9:20 am

Family Synod Survey

The Third Extraordinary Synod of Bishops, to take place in Rome in October 2014.

Already a document has been released by the Vatican inviting Catholics in their dioceses everywhere to make known to the bishops their longings and hopes, as the faithful of the Church, for the promotion of the good of the family.

Please consider the questions prepared by the Vatican. It is important that we respond to these questions with due consideration, so that our responses will inform our Bishop, the Holy See, the Synod and ultimately, Pope Francis.

Family Synod 2014 Survey

Letter one from Bishop Jarrett
Letter two from the Vatican

Deadline For Replies

Responses need to be supplied by Friday 6 December. In the Diocese of Lismore, the responses will be collated by the Office of the Bishop. The local response will then be forwarded to the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. The Australian Bishops will prepare a national response to forward to Rome.

If you prefer to send your response via email or in the post, please download the Microsoft Word version of the survey questions.

Send your response to or the Chancery.
PO Box 1
Lismore. NSW. 2480