Lismore Holy Door Opened. Pilgrimages Underway.

March 8, 2016 5:29 pm

Bishop Jarrett opens the Holy Door at St. Carthage’s in Lismore

Bishop Jarrett opens the Holy Door at St. Carthage’s in Lismore.

Cathedrals around the world have flung open their Holy Doors on the orders of Pope Francis, as the Pontiff celebrated the first Sunday of his Jubilee of Mercy by opening one himself at Rome’s Basilica of St John Lateran.

“We have opened the Holy Door, here and in all the cathedrals of the world,” Pope Francis said, after pushing open the massive bronze doors and pausing to pray silently on their threshold. He called the symbolic gesture “an invitation to joy”.

“It begins a time of great forgiveness. It is the Jubilee of Mercy,” he said. “God does not love rigidity. He is tender.”

By ordering Holy Doors opened in local parishes worldwide, Pope Francis broke with a centuries-long tradition in which Catholics were expected to make the pilgrimage to Rome for the jubilee, a year set aside for pardons. Usually held every 25 or 50 years, this jubilee is an extraordinary one.

Gates of mercy have been opened in far-flung locations across 40 countries: in the cathedral of Yangon, Burma, in a sanctuary on the tundra of Alaska, in a remote mountain village in northern Iraq, and even in conflict-torn areas of Libya and Syria.

In our diocese of Lismore, Bishop Jarrett opened the Holy Door in St, Carthage’s Cathedral on Sunday the 21st. February. The Cathedral is open each day and Pilgrimage times and tours can be arranges through the Cathedral Office by phoning 02 6626 0200 or emailing or go to the website –