National Body for Catholic School Parents Launched

October 20, 2013 4:29 pm
Historic Day for Catholic Education:
National Body for Catholic School Parents Launched
It was an historic day for Catholic education when a new body to give Catholic school parents a strong and united voice at national level was launched in Sydney this week.
Catholic School Parents Australia will play a leading role in representing the views of parents to the Federal government as well as provide a forum for state Catholic School parent bodies to consider issues and share ideas.
The inaugural Annual General Meeting of Catholic School Parents Australia, following a launch with all Diocesan and State Directors of education, was held on Tuesday 15th October.
Danielle Cronin, Executive Director of the NSW Council of Catholic School Parents, said, “This is an historic moment in Catholic education, and indeed Australian education more broadly, as all Catholic school parents, for the first time, have a truly national and authentic voice at the national level.”
“This is a significant and timely event given that education policy affecting Catholic schools is now so heavily influenced by national policy agendas”.
“The Council of Catholic School Parents NSW has worked hard for a number of years to progress a national voice for its members, the parents of over 240 000 students, and we are very proud to be a founding member of this new body”, she said.
Newly elected Independent Chair, Mr Tony O’Byrne, says “Catholic schools educate 1 in 5 Australian children and parent engagement is a very strong element of the ethos of Catholic education.”
“Catholic schools have a distinctive ethos and are therefore often faced with a unique range of policy issues.”
“We believe it is vital that our parents have a forum through which their specific views can be expressed at a national level,” Mr O’Byrne said.
The organisation has the support of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the National Catholic Education Commission and will work in close partnership with both to promote and strengthen Catholic education.