Stefan Matuszek to be ordained Deacon in St. Carthage’s Cathedral Lismore on the 12th February at 7pm.

January 21, 2015 11:45 am
Ordination to the Diaconate for Stefan Matuszek Thursday 12 February at 7pm in St. Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore.
Being ordained Deacon is a continuing step in the decision to become a priest. For Stefan Matuszek, this began seven years ago when thoughtful decisions for a different way of life were put aside for much “grander” plans. Reflecting on those past plans he recently recalled: “I had my life all planned out: study engineering, join the defence force for a few years, hopefully work in Tassie – maybe even my dad’s business, meet the dream girl and have a bunch of kids together, I was all set. But later I found out that God’s plans are not our plans. They’re much grander!”
Reared in a Catholic family of nine children, Stefan recalled those years: “For some the sense of vocation comes slowly and gradually, for others more quickly. Mine was like a semi-trailer. I was just doing what I normally did; minding my own business, and it hit me. The first day I thought I was a bit mad and tried ignoring it, but over a few days the sense grew so strong that I called a priest whose number had somehow made its way into my phone. I had no idea what else to do; I was pretty ignorant of basically everything concerning the priesthood. But he was very good, he helped answer questions I had, and even the questions that I didn’t yet know to ask. He also suggested that I should start by telling my parents.
It took me a few weeks to summon up the courage, although they had never put any pressure on me in regards to my future. Up until then I had never realised how much they’d been hoping for one of their sons to become a priest.”
Stefan’s six years of study have also included working in various pastoral areas of care and concern for others. He undertook pastoral placements in primary and secondary schools, nursing homes, soup kitchens, hospitals, Wagga Wagga Juvenile prison, six parishes in the Diocese of Lismore, World Youth days in Sydney and Madrid, Pilgrimage and missionary work in Vietnam and much more.
As he looks forward to his Ordination, Stefan sums up the waiting experience in these words: “ I don’t imagine the priesthood to be an easy life, but if God is calling me to it He will help me to live it. Serving God and His people is its own reward. Please pray for me that I will always answer God’s call to serve.”
Bishop Geoffrey Jarrett, Bishop of the Lismore Diocese, will ordain Stefan in St. Carthage’s Cathedral Lismore on the 12th February at 7pm..