Sympathy and prayers extended to all affected by Sydney siege

December 16, 2014 9:05 pm
The President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Reverend Archbishop Denis Hart, extends the deepest sympathy and prayers of the Catholic Church in Australia to all people affected by the siege in Martin Place, Sydney.

‘We pray for all who were held hostage during the siege, especially those who tragically lost their lives. May the surviving hostages quickly heal and find new peace in their lives.’
‘We unite in prayer in support of the families and friends who are today grieving the loss of their loved ones. We thank and pray for the men and women of the police and emergency services who selflessly placed themselves in harm’s way during this tragic event to save the lives of fellow Australians.’

‘We also thank and pray for medical staff and community leaders who gave so willingly, patiently and courageously to manage the siege and bring it to the best possible conclusion.’
Archbishop Hart expresses his faith that all Australians will be as one in condemning this tragic event, and that they will join together as people of goodwill to support each other.

‘As we prepare to celebrate the joy of Christmas, let us pursue enduring peace and understanding. Affected as we are by such awful loss and hurt to our fellow Australians, let us reach out with the power of love to bring peace, healing and goodwill to all.’