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Murwillumbah Parish Family Friendly

As a result of the Renewal process Murwillumbah Parish identified that mass times weren’t being family friendly.  As a result the parish has changed mass times. The great news here is, that the parishioners who provided the feedback in the survey also spoke with Fr Peter Wood and the parish office. By the time the survey results had come out, the parish had already implemented the new mass times!   (Photo from parish)?

Pastoral Council Plan

Ballina Parish’s Vitality Survey, highlighted parishioner desire to have greater understanding of and opportunity for input into pastoral planning. After reflecting on the information and messages from the Renewal, Fr Peter Padsungay, Fr Anselm Okeke and Ballina Parish leaders have committed the parish to having a Pastoral Council and have commenced the process of its formation.    (Photo from parish)?

‘The joy of love experienced by families is also the joy of the Church.’

Pope Francis