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Clergy Renewal

Clergy Focus

Design of protocols and processes for clergy induction into the diocese and design of clergy and parish profile templates for introduction of new clergy into a parish

Team Members

Matt Digges, Sawtell Catholic Care, Sawtell Catholic Parish – Team Coordinator
Cathy Donnelly, St Carthage’s Care, Pastoral Council, St Carthage’s Parish, Lismore
Fr Alex Munyao, Assistant Priest, St Carthage’s Parish, Lismore
Julie Nowland, Diocesan Chancery, Clergy Life and Ministry
Lew Wallace, Diocesan Chancery, St Carthage’s Parish

March 24 Update

The working group has been meeting bi-monthly since November 2023 (with a break in January). The initial meetings focussed on gathering and reviewing relevant information concerning induction processes for international clergy in various western countries, including Australian archdioceses.

This 2023 investigation led the team to conclude:

  1. Best practice for induction of international clergy into Australia will be sensitive to both the cultural and pastoral needs of the local Church and the incoming priest.
  2. A clear process will include significant flexibility within a framework of clear direction.
  3. Successful processes for the Diocese of Lismore will be specific to the needs of the Diocese and take account of the history, culture, demographics of the Mid-North and North Coast regions of NSW.

The next stage, which commenced in February 2024, involves composing a process consistent with needs of the Diocese and the international priest. Four quadrants of care and direction will support and guide the process.

Diagram to be inserted (For Jane Fender)

The progress of individual members of the Team responsible for the four areas is being reviewed by the Team at bi-monthly meetings in March. These areas will include support processes and persons responsible. Processes will then be reviewed by selected people within the Diocese who may be responsible for the process into the future. This will include some clergy new to the Diocese.


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Lismore Diocesan Renewal Journey